HD Video Player For IOS - MX Video Player Pro

Available for IOS


MX Video Player Pro

MX Video Player Pro is the ultimate player available on app store. It comprises all salient features that an advance video player must have. It offers excellent support to videos of various platforms. This is not all. It supports smooth playback with high resolution.

Salient Features of MX Video Player Pro:

  • 1. Play favorite videos on YouTube
  • 2. Festive and other attractive themes
  • 3. Zoom In/Out Video on pinch gesture
  • 4. Play and watch HD videos on iOS devices
  • 5. Play HD videos using Live streaming
  • 6. CHRISTMAS theme
  • 7. User can search, change country, popular videos, history and many more.
  • 8. Support multiple formats of videos
  • 9. Play videos in both landscape and portrait mode
  • 10. Optimized for retina display
  • 11. Swiping across screen to change the brightness and volume
  • 12. Shuffle and repeat option